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Monday, April 12, 2010

Just because

Here is a little bit of something that I do when I have a spare moment and a whole lot of inspiration....which actually isn't very often.

I can't even remember how I stumbled across it, but 'it' has a scrapbooking. Basically....its scrapbooking (I am sure you figured that out all on your own, you clever thing!) but not the traditional paper style, with scissors and glue and tape and a whole heap of mistakes. This digital form suits me much better, coz I have my big fat 'undo' button! Very important for one such as myself.

I have every intention of printing these when I create them, but have only ever printed one. So they just sit on my computer, doing nothing. Might as well share them here, huh?

And naturally, they are all of my main man, my little squirt, my cheeky love and joy and reason for being! And I wouldn't have it any other way!

Credits: Shabby Princess

Credits: Amy Sumrall's Sumeroo kit

Dreamy Saturday

This weekend was, in a word, spectacular!!

And Saturday, in particular. My beautiful girlfriend and I took our two little bunnies down to a local beach bright and early in the morning (out the door by 7.30, no saturday sleep-in for us!). There was hardly a soul to be seen. The air was crisp, the sun was warm, the day was young.
It was one of those mornings that makes me just stop for a second and think about how lucky I am.

And after all that fun in the sun, we headed to a cafe for some take away coffees, and a huge biscuit with 'lollies on it' for the boys to share (um ah!). Then a play in the park, and off to a garage sale. All before lunch!

What more could you ask for?
And naturally, I had my camera with me. We had lost our mojo lately, me and my camera, so I put it down for a bit, and this weekend we fell in love with each other all over again. So I am heading over to fat mum slim to take part in the Point+Shoot fun! Go and check it out, Chantelle is a ray of sunshine to warm up your day.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oh for the love of Lola!

See these photos? I am blogging about these photos for two reasons today.
Firstly....last week I tried to find them and I couldn't. I can't tell you how upset I was. I had looked in all our back-ups, both the computers, and I just couldn't see them. My little heart was broken because these are, without a doubt, some of my most favouritest mostest special photos of my baby boy that I own. And to think that I had somehow lost them....I was devasted.
But I was sitting at my mums computer last night, and lookee what I find! I screamed when I saw them....I have them back! Never to be lost again. I can't tell you how relieved I am. Photos of your children, especially when they are your most favourist mostest special photos, are so precious!
Secondly {and this is super exciting!!}....the girls over at Beyond Snapshots reviewed what are, hands down, the worlds sexiest looking camera bags, from Epiphanie. They are giving one away, and oh be still my beating heart its the red one they chose to bestow on some lucky devil. Boy oh boy do I want to be that lucky devil!!
What we had to do was show off a photo with a red theme...and when I found these photos last night, they are. How could I not use these ones?
And let me tell you this....not only do Epiphanie have the sexiest camera bags ever (I mean, they have the red Lola, the chocolate brown Ginger....just the names of these bags are cool!) but they have the most awesome website ever. I love websites that think outside the square; that have warmth and texture and funky bits and a real vibe. You should head over and check it out, seriously, its worth a look. And while you are surfing the net, for all my clickin' friends you might already know about Beyond Snapshots, but if you haven't discovered yet, get! Rachel and Peta are amazing!