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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bush walking and puddle jumping

The weather broke today, and out came the sun! After weeks of being sick constantly, and with the weather getting colder and a bit wet of late, I jumped at the chance to grab the camera and take the boy out for a bush walk and some puddle jumping! Haven't played with the camera since Easter, which is when all the nasty germs hit this household, so it was good to have it back in my hands and a willing model to humour me.

He wasn't so much into the puddle jumping though, unlike in the past. He wanted to puddle 'walk'; and told me off for jumping when I tried to encourage him. He said it was 'too disturbing'. Funny bugger!

Was a good time though, and I can feel my mojo coming back (of the photographic variety, don't get any funny ideas!) and I have a few photo shoots coming up shortly that I am really looking forward to getting stuck right into.

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