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Monday, July 19, 2010


Good morning!!!

I haven't blogged anything for SUCH a long time. Life has been crazy busy the last few weeks and has left very little time for playing on my computer or pulling out my camera.

There were hospital visits to make, family to look after, friends to socialise with....and a new business in the making. But that is top secret for the time being...don't want any bad joo-joo!!

I did however squeeze in a fantastic photo shoot last weekend which I only managed to post-process properly this if its alright with you I will include these in Point+Shoot coz technically I didn't finish them till this weekend (hence where the +Click comes in). And I haven't taken part in Point+Shoot for SUCH a long time, or any blog world activities, and I am really starting to miss all that interaction it offers. If you are asking yourself just what on earth Point+Shoot is, head on over to Fat Mum Slim for a looksee...its plenty of fun!

So, without further a do, I introduce the beautiful Jenny and her beau Shane. Thanks for being such a good sport Shane, you were open to all of our ideas and without a whinge to be heard. And sorry for picking on your girly pink belt. But It clashes with your hairy chest and your tattoo!


  1. beautiful photos, great colours!

  2. These are great photos! Love the flag, very cool.

  3. Wow fantastic Jodi. You are so very talented. What a handsome couple to be photographing.